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Flojet Water Pump Booster set 12V

SKU: Flojet Water Pump Booster set 12V

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Flojet Water Pump 12V Booster set with accumulator.

Flojet 2840 12v water booster pump with automatic pressure switch for on-demand water supply. These powerful pump sets are used to transfer water from the main holding tank into the truckmounts water box.. Proven to be very reliable and quiet in operation. The expansion vessel ensures the pump and pipework are protected from hydraulic hammering, pressure spikes and maintain a smooth flow rate.

  • 3.1 Bar switch setting for on-demand water supply.
  • 2.8 Bar max operating pressure.
  • 17.0 Lpm max flow.
  • 12 Volt DC, 12.6 Amps.
  • 4.1 L accumulator tank.
  • Santoprene pump diaphragm.
  • EPDM pump check valve.
  • Butyl tank diaphragm.
  • 3/4″ hose barb inlet.
  • 1/2″ hose barb outlet.
  • Integrated pressure demand switch for automatic on/off.
  • Polypropylene pump housing.

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